Improvisation, academia, science communication, and life!

The first 2014 issue of Nature has a great article on the benefits of training in improvisation. Front and center in the article: my friend and colleague Raquell Holmes, founder of improvscience, and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at SUNY Stony Brook. Both groups are doing terrific work, and I’m thrilled that Nature is supporting their mission by sharing the advantages of improv training.

[A personal note: my first experience with improv was at the 2012 CSGF annual program review, when Raquell taught an amazing day-long workshop.  This led me to start taking classes in 2013, and I am so incredibly glad I did.  More on that another time.]

Go Raquell, go Alda Center, and go improv!


One thought on “Improvisation, academia, science communication, and life!”

  1. How do you think science communicators should integrate improv into presentations? I think a purely improv presentation might be too unstructured and confusing for the audience in the end. Is this improv training just meant to be a skillset that scientists can apply to more structured interactions?

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