Nature Turning Point’s interview with Carl Boettiger

CSGF alumnus Carl Boettiger is featured in a recent edition of Nature: Turning Point.  Much of the interview focuses on Carl’s open research notebook, a bold experiment in sharing research as it is being done, before it’s actually “research product.”  Kudos.

“Were you afraid of getting scooped?

That concern is there, but I haven’t experienced any scoops. I think it is an overrated fear, especially when compared with the risk of being unknown in your field. My notebook has helped me to extend my reach in ecology and computing. People were aware of me before I had published — which led, for example, to invitations to review papers. If anything, I was reluctant to put things up in case they contained mistakes. Every mistake that I made during my PhD is in there. But if I am trying to resolve an error, I can easily show others all the work I have done and the steps I have taken, and ask them for advice.”


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