Hot off the presses: my new review article on electrostatic models for proteins

My second article in the open-access journal Computational Science and Discovery has been published.

The article, a rather sizable review of implicit-solvent models for proteins and other molecules, is here; the odd title is a punning nod to one of my favorite bands, Rancid (see here for the reference).

I had always wanted to write a different kind of review article, one which provides more philosophy and an integrated view of progress; the process of writing this one revealed just how hard that is.  For one thing, many reviews are written to meet deadlines.  Academics tend to be fairly busy types (“If it weren’t for the last minute,” quipped one mentor, “I wouldn’t have any minutes at all.”) so that many reviews end up being annotated bibliographies: “The group of X has been looking at Y [1, 2], which is new.”

My thanks to the numerous individuals who slogged their way through early drafts to provide really helpful comments and suggestions (among others: Geoff Oxberry, Matt Knepley, Ahmed Ismail, Christopher Rinderspacher, and Matt Reuter).  I am especially indebted to Nathan Baker and Dirk Gillespie for encouraging me to get my thoughts together for a review article.  Your comments and criticisms are welcome as well!



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